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Have you ever experienced the voluntary ignorance or minimization of an obvious, evident truth? Social taboos and generally embarrassing, controversial situations can be good examples of realities from which humankind’s attitude tends to escape. Indeed, we prefer to avoid discussion around disturbing, difficult themes, even if those are particularly conspicuous.



The exhibition ‘Elephant in the Room’ converts the invisible, or what we pretend not to see, into visible, testing and analyzing themes and sensations that often challenge our behaviors as human beings. As society accustomed us to take distance from controversial, embarrassing experiences, we became used to hiding to ourselves the emotions resulting from particular topics or situations. 

The gallery space displays multimedia works from a big range of young artists, which convey their personal interpretation of the theme through their art. You are facing many diverse Elephants, with which you have the chance to connect more directly, therefore dialoguing with usually hidden truths.

Hence, there is always something that is seeking to be heard and talked about, either apparently invisible or voluntarily omitted; there is always something in between us involving our unconscious state.  

16th – 20st November, London.

All the artworks are on sale

Ask Anna and Maddalena for prices.

1. Teitatt Qway – Garptwo

Materials: video, audio, drawings

The video is a loop animation made of twelve drawings in sequence, which are going to be exposed and relate to the twelve frames on the wall in front of you.

The concept behind this project is the idea that what we don’t say is not always who we really are.

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2. Balaustrate (Live Performance) Garptwo

3. 4.  Cause/Relief – Riccardo Raffin


3.. +8000 printed A4 sheets of paper, typographic statement.

4. Four A4 framed oil pastel drawings.

These works investigate the topic of responsibility with a bilateral outcome free for the taking, and a figurative depiction.

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5. Eldritch Blast – Link Hg

Materials: Digital print on silver paper, 23×31 cm

Eldritch Blast is a project based on a graphic series, inspired by the abstraction of usual scenes and landscapes that cause astonishment in our everyday life.

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6. Son of sixteen Nicolò Cambrai

Materials: canvas, wool yarn, made hand made, 1.50×1.50 m

The work was developed during the first lockdown, in London. Here, the artist included the many different feelings experienced during this 3 months period. The work is very much representative of Cambrai’s artistic aesthetic and it reveals the accomplishment of the wire technique.

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7. You & Me (Performance) Nicolò Cambrai

8I love this world – Nicolò Cambrai

Materials: globe and asphalt / bitumen

This work is the demonstration of the self-destruction that we are shattering in the world in which we live. The bitumen (or asphalt), is often used interchangeably to mean both natural and manufactured forms of the substance.

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9. Playing footsie I Kevin Ianeselli

Materials24 kilos of clay.

You “play footsie” when you touch someone’s feet with your own under the table, usually in order to show your sexual interest in the person, as Cambridge Dictionary says.

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10. Playing footsie II Kevin Ianeselli

Materialscanvas and acrylics

You “play footsie” when you touch someone’s feet with your own under the table, usually in order to show sexual interest in the person, as Cambridge Dictionary says.

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11. Sin Pena! Lucìa Quevedo

Materials: Silicone, pigments.

Sin Pena! Is an installation piece, a composition of flat, rounded opaque silicone shapes, imitating fat pieces from slices of charcuterie. Made at slightly larger proportions, the tacky yet smooth texture of the silicone sticks well onto flat surfaces.

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12. 13. Energies exchange & ConversationDMINTN

Materialsrecycled PVC

The two artworks are connected. The red line is indeed the bridge between the two sculptures and it represents human intimacy, not meant as a physical and carnal connection between the bodies but instead, as the more intimate and platonic feelings that we as humankind experience when in love with somebody.

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14. Ugly Postcards – Eva Venzo & Link Hg

Materials and dimension: A5, prints on matte paper

Ugly postcards is a project that researches the connection between illegal buildings present in the peripheral area of Monopoli (Puglia) and they’re being invisible to most tourists and people who visit and live in this region of Italy.

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