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A deep sound of nature was coming from an hidden underground space, so the Pink Elephant, full of curiosity, jumped into it and a room full of flowery artworks surprised its eyes.


Summer 2022
Like every year, it comes the expected sun, and with it, the well-deserved holidays.

All humans feel charged-up, ready to live!

They were granted days of respite. To some.. it will be the time for the scent of saltiness, to others.. the silence of the mountains.

It is now time to go back to nature.

Compositions of flowers of echoing hues, floral adornments and images of idyllic places turn out to be faint attempts of appropriation.

Làchesis reflects on our approach to nature, in particular with plants and flowers.

The touching and alteration of these, in order for us to gain control of them and satisfy our needs.

We declare ourselves lovers of flora, but only in the case where this conforms to our lives, enriching our being and waving our patterns.
Distracted, we forget the unique, untouchable essence of nature, which is what fascinates us the most.


Erbario Rieste (translated: Herbarium Rieste), borns from the observation of wild spontaneous growing plants, typical of the area of Salento, southern Italy. Puglia is a region that has historically been hosting plenty green and countryside zones. This took people to experiment with the ground and to discover many wild plants, such as chicory, turnips and rocket. It is from the study of this environment that the work Erbario Rieste is created, meaning indeed ‘wild’ in Salento’s local dialect.
The three banners reflect the rustic and savage land in which the artist, Ember, is wandering. Thanks to the collaboration with Enrica Anastasia Marangio, the screen printing acquires life and movement. Here, it waves like a leaf, a jellyfish, or a flower.. wrapped in a fine fabric, clung to a white piece of wood coming directly from Salento beaches.
… and if some wind will come and touch this piece, Erbario Rieste will finally feel at home…