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Not tired, the Pink Elephant wandered around the space until a sound whispered inside its big ears.
Attracted by the music, it ended up in an immersive video and sound experience
h 19:00 - 20:00
Hybrid_Fractal takes the form of an audiovisual live set, where electronic soundscapes interact with audio-reactive visual processing. The performance sees the two artists interacting between semi-random algorithms programmed by them, resulting in a multimedia and immersive experience.
Rhythmic and geometric structures are deconstructed and recomposed, in a continuous metamorphosis between order and chaos.
Those structures of perfection, appear in random sequences which are both created and destroyed. Nature itself works as an evolution, a transformation and recreation in constant movement, like flowers, plants, leaves, snowflakes and waterfalls. Developing in levels of unique and mathematical perfection and geometry, nature grows between us as a guidance for our existence.