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31st July 2022 - Faro Coworking
Elephant in the Bloom presents a multi-sensorial and multi-media creative experience, displaying works from 5 artists in response to a common aesthetic theme: the blooming of nature.
The image of nature, so ethereal, ephemeral, delicate, but at the same time fascinating, bewitching and incomprehensible inspires the works of all the artists brought together to dialogue in the spaces. With different approaches, every work questions the beauty of nature and how its relationship with the human being guides him in the search and discovery of the environments that surround him.

What are the points in common, what those of conflict? How does nature speak to us, how does it rebel, and what is our relation with it?

The Elephant has already made a tour around the spaces… follow its path to discover, explore and bloom!
The Pink Elephant, leaving the previous room for the next one, fell into an awesome adventure.
It got lost into a forest full of beautiful FLOWERS.

It is blooming in this blossom forest full of bloomy FLOWERS.

A deep sound of nature was coming from an hidden underground space, so the Pink Elephant, full of curiosity, jumped into it and a room full of flowery artworks surprised its eyes.
Not tired, the Pink Elephant wandered around the space until a sound whispered inside its big ears.

At the end of its blooming adventure, the Pink Elephant decided to keep exploring different spaces.

This time its heart caress the blooms.

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