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Ember (1995) is a multidisciplinary artist from Gorizia. She has a degree in Graphic arts at ABA in Venice, and is currently on a master course in Art Publishing at ABA in Lecce.

She bases her artistic practice on the deep belief that every work of art is relevant for its past and its future simultaneously. This way, her works constantly aims to show and combine experiences. Her artistic career fluctuates around Graffiti art (which she started practising almost 10 years ago) and Graphic Art. These two practices are visible in her artistic approach, which is characterised by social intervention and the attention on materials. Her study and research usually starts from the places where the artist is found. This way, she is able to touch on completely relevant themes and to express her thoughts towards the conscious use of specific tools and materials.

Anthropology, folklore, rituals and iconology are all themes on which the artist’s gaze turns, as they become essential keys to read and understand the world. As a consequence, her art investigates the invisible (the other) and the symbology existing in the collective and personal unconscious┬ámind.

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